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Nuclear Throne Characters 1 by luffy316
Nuclear Throne Characters 1
what it says on the tin. I've been playing a lot of this dandy little Steam game Nuclear Throne over the last few months, and kept striking me as something to doodle. the characters are all really unique, but are pixelly enough to consider a few little details to them.
it's a vaguely told alpha game, with a horrible post-apocalypse rogue-like shooter, the generation of mutated life only seeking the one thing that can fix it all: the nuclear throne
so finally doodled up 3 of the characters with the drawing tablet; Y.V. (Young Venuz, some sort of gangsta deity), Steroids (a scientist who's full of you know what), and Plant (a killer sentient flower). should have the others coming up soon, just that these three were a nice mix of favorites and simple enough for me to draw. also worth nothing that while an experienced doodler, barely humanoid monsters are an area of some relative expertise
Casey's Sword of Bone by luffy316
Casey's Sword of Bone
random bit of art I threw together. Got a new drawing pad for Christmas and have been playing a lot of pen and paper games online with a group of friends (see the Monster Force Zeta pic). when one player goes on vacation, one player throws together a game of Monster of the Week. its made to be in the spirit of Buffy, X-Files, slasher films, and a touch of Scooby Doo or Jackie Chan Adventures

I throw together Casey Williams, a rebellious rich teen who's also the chosen one (literally a class you can take in it, don't blame me). I'm given a list of traits for her special weapon, among which I pick magical and made of bone. the game was improvised as hell, but our characters click really quickly (most Apocalypse World knockoffs/spinoffs tend to do that). Also given context clues throughout the game, the GM ran by me that the sword was made of the bones of demons, was partly intelligent, and it wants out (ideally with a new body). I was way on board with it. I have a real love for sentient weapons

so drew it up to test my drawing tablet. still had to put it through MS Paint as the best drawing program I had, but used it to get some proportions and details people kept asking about. probably will throw some doodles up here now and then. I can't draw for crap, but I sure can doodle.

we even recorded it, and thinking of getting our own website to host the crapload of them we've made over time…

the party as a whole:
Casey "@midnightangelslayer" Williams: The Chosen. Privileged, attention-loving 15 year old. Dresses in raver/goth clothes and half-purple hair, minus any genuine problems or angst. Was given a magical sword carved from bone and told she's the chosen one, which is so hardcore and badass that she's WAY on board with this idea.

Isabella "Sika" Minami: The Initiate. Field agent from a secret mystical organization. Expert on ancient magics, voice of reason and insight, and combination guide, guardian, and teacher to Casey on her path to being the chosen one.

Tim "From Accounting" Williams: The Mundane. Casey's cousin that she saved from demonic clowns once early in her slaying career. Tim has no powers or apparent association with the prophecies at all, but he does have a driver's license, handguns, and some stupid luck.

party even got drawn by a buddy/player Crazon <da:thumb id="501123546"> plus his 4th member who's planned to join whenever we run that again


United States
Current Residence: Pennsylvania
Favourite genre of music: j-pop/comedy
Favourite cartoon character: Monkey D. Luffy, Hanajima, Ryoga Hibiki, Dr Orpheus, Zim, Homsar
Personal Quote: No treasure in the world, be it power, land, gold, or wisdom, can compete with the worth of laughter

well, it's workin. ain't a final state of the page, but we're looking to at least get up something. will be adding more within a few days to make up for the delay, but we've got plenty of backlog so we're stocked for a good while to come. get it before it's ironic to like Giant Queen Sakura!

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